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Why You Need A Hotel Travel Agent: Inside The Mind Of A Personal Reservationist

March 3rd, 2017 /

To give you an inside look into the benefits of booking your hotel stays with JetLux, we’ve invited one of our personal reservationists to share her experience. Mandy’s primary task as part of our team is to connect with each client and provide the best hotel rooms for their needs.

A reservationist will take care of all your hotel booking needs.

Image by Flickr user Jared Sexton.

On the other side of your phone call to JetLux requesting a hotel reservation is a travel agent of sorts—someone who is there to listen to your booking questions and needs, and who has the power to negotiate with hotels to get those needs met. That’s me, your personal reservationist.

When booking their first stay with an agent, most clients are a little skeptical. I totally understand why. When you’ve spent many hours finessing the art of booking a business trip on your own, it’s hard to imagine ever doing it any other way. However, I’m confident standing behind the value of what we do. This business changes the face of travel for business people of all kinds, and I’ve been lucky enough to see that happen first-hand.

In the midst of speaking with high-level executives and small business owners from all over the country, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know business travelers from all walks of life. That’s probably my favorite part about working in this business; my clients get a personal connection to the hotels that receive their hard-earned dollars, and we help them have the experience that best fits their individual needs and preferences.

Reservationist Mandy works to create the best personalized hotel experience for her clients.

The JetLux Process

If a client were to call today and request a three-night stay in New York City, I would begin by asking a few questions about what they’re looking for. What’s their budget? Which part of the city are they doing business in? Do they prefer modern decor or old-money luxury? From there, I will compile a brief list of hotel options that are a good fit for them.

I can provide them with photos, rates, and any other relevant information at this time—or, they sometimes choose to be totally hands-off in the process. They just let me know which hotel they’d like best, and I take care of the rest. Once we get to know each other, I can easily select a hotel to fit a client’s tastes. And with their card on file, I’ll be able to book their request immediately with no work on their part.

Booking online takes a lot of work—and valuable time—that you don’t need to be wasting.

Booking online takes a lot of work—and valuable time—that you don’t need to be wasting. Image by Flickr user Sean MacEntee.

This is also the time when clients tell me if they’d like a room with a particular view, on a certain floor, or away from an elevator—all things that can significantly affect your hotel stay. You’re probably used to these kinds of requests falling by the wayside with online booking, but we usually have success with getting any request honored, no matter how bizarre. In fact, I’ve even scheduled a psychic evaluation and massage for a client’s prized Shih Tzu!

The best thing about this process is that you don’t have to spend hours googling, comparing OTA prices, and searching for the best flash sale. Because our company maintains personal connections with hotels worldwide, our members have automatic access to a corporate rate that’s not published online. That means each client automatically gets a discount of 15-40% off each hotel stay, year round, without making a single search. Our job is to get them the best possible rate on top of that guaranteed discount. Meanwhile, our clients can use their time for more productive matters—like making their businesses function as efficiently as possible.

A reservationist can book a 5-star hotel for you at a much lower price than you’d find online.

A reservationist can book a 5-star hotel for you at a much lower price than you’d find online. Image by Flickr user Ana.

Bonus Perks

Those benefits sound incredible to those new to the industry but in reality, they are just the beginning. The value of what we do really shows when a road warrior exclaims in surprise over the amazing perks that come along with their stay.

What’s surprising to many is that we are usually able to get the best rates at the best hotels in the industry. Our favorites are 4 and 5-star hotels because we get so much value for our clients’ dollar (and a greater discount). The benefits of staying at a nicer hotel are a given for most business travelers, so I won’t belabor the point that a 5-star boutique hotel beats a 2-star chain any day of the week. Plus, because hotels rarely book their entire inventory, I’m sometimes able to land a “suite” free upgrade for my clients.

A reservationist can resolve any problems during your stay.

A reservationist can resolve any problems during your stay. Image by Flickr user Jason Trbovich.

Working on your own, it’s hard to find a good deal on a hotel without giving up other perks that business travelers depend on. The best rates online usually come with an iron-clad cancellation policy that will make you want to cut your credit card in half. However, there’s no need to battle with restrictive policies when we can get your stay with VIP amenities and a 24-hour cancellation policy.

The rates we provide for our clients also come with a whole team of personal advocates working to quickly and quietly resolve any issues that may arise during your stay. Having a problem with a noisy neighbor? I’ve connected with hotel staff on behalf of my client to personally arrange a new room for them when necessary. Ultimately, our top priority is you.

We provide you with the key to an entirely different hotel experience.

We provide you with the key to an entirely different hotel experience. Image by Flickr user El Gran Dee.

Personal Work Experience

The truth is, life is pretty great on this side of the booking table as well! Agents like me genuinely enjoy working directly with clients to book the travel experiences their careers depend on. When you’re traveling for business, you have to be at your best—and I always enjoy being part of that process.

I routinely tell my clients to “give up the Google and the Expedia and let us do the work for you.” We do more than just set up your hotel stay; we also provide the human experience of connecting with a real person who will advocate for you and find the best lodging options for your situation. Let go of those other companies who are not taking care of you in a personal way, and you’ll quickly see the difference. If you’re ready to jump in, reach out to us today. I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

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