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Reservations: 855-453.8589

Text to Book: 702.800.2717

  • Text us your desired city and dates.
  • We will text you back with pricing and availability.


We offer our members pre-negotiated, highly discounted corporate rates from luxury and boutique hotel partners nationwide under the condition that we do not publish the corporate rates online.

Why JetLux

Small Business Unite!

Small Business Unite!

By aggregating small business professionals nationwide, JetLux Hotels is able to provide exclusive access to the highly discounted hotel corporate rate that big business professionals have been enjoying for years.

While proving a true traveling discount to its members, JetLux also provides value to their hotel partners, filling rooms that would have otherwise sat vacant. JetLux Members receive the coveted hotel corporate discount saving up to 60% off luxury hotel rates, VIP amenities and suite upgrades and an exclusive 24-hour cancellation policy.


Why JetLux Hotels?

  • Exclusive Corporate Rate Access
    • Up to 40% off
  • Personal Concierge 24/7
    • We’re going back in time to offer real, live human beings to connect to 24/7, 365.
  • VIP Amenities & Suites Upgrades
    • Free WiFi & suite upgrades *
  • Double your Reward Points
    • Earn the brand’s loyalty points and our Lux$Bux at the same time
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy
    • Exclusive 24 hour cancellation policy *

What Our Members Are Saying

It really doesn’t get any better. JetLux is the most stress-free way to travel. They take care of the details so I don’t have to. Since discovering JetLux I’ve saved thousands and never looked back.Brooke Taylor Corcia, CEO, The Dreslyn
JetLux is perfect for small business because it’s easy to book, offers great hotels at competitive prices and is perfect for executives looking to travel in the major cities across the country. All I do is text to book.Scott Carter, CEO Lear Capital.
JetLux provided me a rate that was far below any other website out there with a personalized touch. A simple live chat and it was done.Warren, Small Business Owner.




Small Business Unite!

For far too long small business professionals have faced a problem when it comes to business travel.

They’ve never been able to access the coveted corporate discount which has been strictly reserved for employees of the largest corporations. JetLux Hotels seeks to be the company that finally makes these discounts available to the deserving small business traveler.

Because at JetLux Hotels we ask the question:

Why shouldn’t small business, which comprises roughly two-thirds of the U.S. economy, be entitled to the same benefit?

I have nothing but great things to say about JetLux Hotels. I’ve used the service for this past year and always have had a positive experience along with great pricing. Their customer service team always aim to please before, during and after my trip.Anthony Marotta, Small Business Owner

The hotel solution for the traveling professional

JetLux Hotels

Reservations: 855-453.8589

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$15 transaction fee is charged per reservation.
*Available in most cases