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Where Frequent Business Travelers Can Find the Most Unique Hotel Perks

November 15th, 2016 /

Business travelers are used to perks. We see the classic Evian water bottle on the bedside table, the welcoming fruit basket, and the stocked mini fridge more often than we see the insides of our own freezers back home.

Traveling so often has led me to seek out hotels that offer unique deals—larger-than-life experiences that I’ll remember even after the purpose of the trip itself has faded from my memory. In my search for the most interesting hotel amenities across the continental United States, I’ve run across a few that have definitely stuck out.


It’s time to upgrade your hotel perks – the more unique and unusual, the better! Image by Flickr user Zac Bowling (CC BY 2.0)

Scent in the City: Your On-Call Fragrance Butler

There is nothing more annoying than making your way through security and realizing that you’ve included a bottle of perfume or cologne in your carry-on. You know how this story ends—with the bottle in the gloved hands of a sour-faced TSA employee.

But if you decide to stay at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, TX, your worries are over. You’ll have access to an on-call fragrance butler who comes directly to your suite with a selection of designer fragrances. On my stay, I was greeted with a tray that included Givenchy Dahlia Noir and my personal favorite, Prada Candy. While you can’t keep the bottle with you, my butler assured me that he would remain en-suite for as long as it took me to make up my mind.

If you can’t make it to the Turtle Creek location (which I highly recommend), Rosewood Hotels & Resorts’ other luxury properties also offer this service.

Psychic Readings for Your Dog

most unique hotel perks

Cooper and I love to travel for business together. Why not go somewhere that will pamper him? Image courtesy of JetLux.

Cooper likes to accompany me on some of my business trips, so we’ll occasionally stay at the Hotel Deluxe Portland. This boutique hotel in downtown Portland boasts amenities that include pet room service and, yes, a pet spiritual menu. That’s code for psychic readings, as I was surprised to discover on my last trip.

The Hotel Deluxe offers so many pet-friendly perks that you’ll probably need several stays to try them all: you can enroll your dog in pet acupuncture, check out books on dog massage, and learn about pet psychology, among other holistic amenities.

Guitars on Demand in Chicago

There’s nothing like keeping up with your hobbies while on the road, but you might not be up for carrying a guitar in your luggage. At the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, you can check out high-quality Fender guitars (and amps) for free. You’ve also got quite a few other options: one of my colleagues tells me he requested a bass guitar instead, and the staff will apparently provide an EDM mixer if you’re more the traveling DJ type.

When I passed through, I opted for the vintage turntable package. I entered the room to the sound of Michael Jackson and found a selection of my favorite 80s rock records waiting for me. The Hard Rock Hotel staff have always made me feel welcome and listened-to, but they really outdid themselves here. For a luxury stay that is far removed from the ordinary hotel experience, this is my top choice.

Celebrity Style on the Go

As business travelers, we all have our own tricks for packing light—often, this means that our travel wardrobes are sadly lacking. But if you’re passing through Santa Monica and have a taste for high fashion, you’re in luck.

At the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel you have access to a rental library of fashionable accessories supplied by the incomparable Fred Segal. If you need a cocktail purse to accompany you on a night out with a client or left your color-coordinated belt at home, they’ve got you covered. The hotel’s collection includes beautiful items for both men and women—from purses and bangles to belts and cufflinks—that are available for 24-hour periods.

Bentleys in Beverly Hills


This is your chance to drive some of the most luxurious cars in the world. Image by Flickr user Damian Morys (CC BY 2.0)

Traveling for business often means driving around between meetings in a ten-year-old rental sedan with fast food in your lap—unless, of course, you’re in Beverly Hills. When you visit the Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills you can take advantage of “free” access to all of the amazing cars you usually only see on Rodeo Drive.

With the right suite booked, you can drive a Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or other luxurious car around LA (within 2 miles of the hotel location) at no extra cost. You can take your complimentary ride to local dining and shopping spots and even pick up clients for cocktail hour in a way that’s practically guaranteed to impress. After these trips, I return home happily to my Prius, my luxury car fix satisfied for a few months.

Naturalistic NYC Beekeeping

The most unusual hotel perk on our list is offered by the Waldorf Astoria—you can take part in beekeeping at the top of the New York skyline. Beekeeping used to be illegal in the city limits of New York, but now high-end hotels like the Waldorf are taking part in the locavore movement (and involving guests in the process).

You can book a tour of the rooftop beehives and learn from master beekeepers on your next trip through the Big Apple. What’s even better is that after your tour, you can return to the hotel restaurant and order a baked Alaska made with honey that you saw with your own eyes. It’s the closest approximation of farm-to-table that I’ve ever experienced on a business trip.


When else are you going to be able to inspect beehives on a business trip? Image by Flickr user Ben Husmann (CC BY 2.0)

We all know that traveling for business takes the life out of you, but with the right hotel perks, you might find yourself looking fondly back at your time on the road. And if you’re a small business owner unsure whether you can afford luxury amenities, check out JetLux. We provide access to the best hotels for a fraction of the cost and will negotiate on your behalf for the best perks and upgrades anywhere you stay.

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