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Traveling To Nevada For Work? A Guide To The Best Business Hotels In Las Vegas

March 15th, 2017 /

Out of 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas, I landed one with a marvelous sunset view overlooking the glitz and glamour of the Strip—and in one of the city’s finest 5-star resorts, no less. Of all the places to take a business trip, Vegas might just be my favorite. Not only have some of my best partnerships occurred within the hallowed halls of the Convention Center, but I’ve also learned a lot from networking with some of the best in the industry. In short, this isn’t just a fabulous place to party.

Between conventions in every industry and business retreats as well as one-off client meetings, this is a prime location for making big business deals. You’re bound to have a memorable experience here no matter what, but your enjoyment can only increase if you choose the right place to stay. Depending on whether you want more play for your effort, the outrageous Vegas experience, or a sophisticated and modern hub, here are our recommendations for choosing the resort that best fits your business traveling style.

Explore the extravagant hotels Vegas has to offer.

Image by Flickr user Moyan Brenn.

For A Stay To Write Home About, Choose The Venetian

If this is your first trip to Vegas, you’ll want to stay somewhere memorable, a resort that embodies all the glittering extravagance the Strip has to offer. And no other hotel welcomes newcomers to Sin City like The Venetian.

You could always walk through some of the craziest hotel lobbies in Vegas as a visitor, but if you’re here on business, you might not have the extra time to fight the crowds. Might as well just stay in the middle of the action—and enjoy the eerily-turquoise canals, real gondolas, and the full-size tribute to Venice’s St. Mark’s square, complete with live opera singers.

Rather than paying a ton of money for extras (like a gondola ride), I’d suggest just spending your free time wandering and watching with your wallet intact. Especially if this is your first time to the city, you’ll definitely want to be saving some extra pocket money for your first Vegas casino, and the Venetian has a great one. If you’re looking to view the high-stakes poker tables, you’ll find no better ambiance. When you’ve finished playing slots (or trying your hand at blackjack), you can enjoy a meal at one of nineteen restaurants and retire to your 650 square foot room knowing you have officially seen it all—at least until you return.

A visit to the Venetian will leave you with a host of memories.

Image by Flickr user Wolfgang Staudt.

Returning Visitors Seeking Sophistication Stay At Wynn

This landmark is only ranked #5 on Trip Advisor’s list of top business hotels in Las Vegas, but don’t let that fool you. The Wynn is my top pick and the resort where you’ll most typically find me when I’m visiting Vegas. While you can’t truly escape the crowds of gawking tourists anywhere in Vegas, this resort feels a little less claustrophobic and a little more high-class. You still get the feeling of extravagance in the midst of Wynn’s Asian-eclectic red and gold decor (especially if you take a stroll down the esplanade), but it’s not as over-the-top compared to other places.

I also love staying at Wynn for its meeting potential. With 200,000 square feet of meeting space, complete with a business concierge to plan it all for you, it’s really easy to see clients face-to-face. I’d also put in a personal plug for the Tom Fazio-designed golf course on site—the only 18 holes on the Strip and the site of one of my biggest business deals to date.

Every room in this fantastic hotel has a stunning view of the city, and you’re located well within reach of everything you need. A brief taxi ride can take you two miles to the airport or around the corner to the Convention Center, or you could even take a leisurely walk from the back of the resort. I also appreciate Wynn’s dedication to being on top of hotel technology—today, every single room is decked out with an Amazon Echo which serves as a voice-activated butler.

Wynn is a perfect choice for someone looking for a sophisticated hotel stay.

Image by Flickr user Dan Perry.

For Old-World Opulence, Stay At Bellagio

This Tuscan-themed beauty is my favorite choice for an elegant splurge in Vegas—especially if you have more time to enjoy the sights. Bellagio is a romantic destination that’s perfect for bringing along a spouse or significant other. This place is perfect for seeking entertainment, not just business.

If you’ve got some free time, I’d make sure to relax and enjoy the entertainment options that Bellagio offers. You could spend an hour outside, watching the Fountains dance to different show tunes and marveling at modern technology. Or, enjoy an outdoor dinner within view of Lago di Como for the most romantic evening of your life. Take a stroll through the conservatory and botanical gardens, and make sure to catch Cirque du Soleil’s performance of “O” in a theatre that is reminiscent of the Parisian Opera House. Play an elegant game of golf at Shadow Creek—another Tom Fazio golf course—and enjoy the bliss that money can buy.

Bellagio is good for business and pleasure.

Image by Flickr user Sheila Thompson.

There you have it, folks; our recommendations for the first-timer, the dedicated businessperson, and the pleasure-seeker on your next business trip to Las Vegas. Perhaps more than any other city, Vegas is ready to be what you make of it. The opportunity to make incredible business partnerships is just around the corner from a full week of high-stakes gambling—and it’s up to you to strike the perfect balance between business and pleasure while you’re there.

Especially when I’m staying in 5-star resorts, I try to snag as good a deal as possible on my hotel room, and that would be a huge chore without the help of JetLux Hotels. My membership gives me an automatic discount of 15-40% off what you’ll find listed online for the best hotels across the country. Plus, anytime I want to jet over to Sin City, I just give a quick call to my personal reservationist, and she gets it ready for me in no time. Contact us today for more information on how you can enjoy these perks on your next business trip.


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